Pkns Engineering & Construction Berhad.

The Company was formed by Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (“PKNS”) to spearhead the construction sector especially for Bumiputra. During the 1980's, competition in developing properties and housing area within the town and outer districts between the private and public sector has been increasing tremendously. In March 1981, one of the Selangor State of Government's Statutory Agency, Selangor Economic Development Corporation (“SEDC”) or Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) has taken this fabulous opportunity by embarking on a joint venture with a company from Germany (Praton Haus) to produce pre-fabricated building components and built houses on plots of land provided by SEDC/PKNS.

On 18 March 1981, PKNS Praton Haus Berhad was formed as one of the providers of pre-fabricated houses for PKNS at that time. Up until the year 1991, the company has successfully built and completed various types of pre-fabricated houses totalling around 7,000 units. On 31 March 1990, the Company successfully set up a factory manufacturing roof tiles in Salak Tinggi, Sepang under ESTEE TILES trademark for the supply to the local market such as PKNS Projects and its associate companies. Other ready to use concrete and other cement based materials were also produced under Praton Mix trademark.

Total design freedom for everyone

In 1991, the company was fully acquired by PKNS and the name was changed to PKNS Engineering & Construction Bhd (PECB) with an initial paid-up capital of RM 6.0 million of the total RM 10.0 million authorized capital. Various diversification activities were also carried out such as construction of commercial and industrial buildings via conventional methods besides pre-fabrication. In 1993, the company established P & M Concrete Sdn Bhd, a joint venture with Mega Pascal Berhad to produce ready to use concrete.

By end 2005, PECB has successfully built and completed more than 16,500 units of houses, on a joint venture basis to utilize its resources and expertise on specific projects mainly on building and infrastructure. In the year 2000, the company upgraded Estee Tiles factory in Salak Tinggi to fulfil increasing demand by the clients.

The Company successfully achieved the ISO9001:2000 certification on 22 July 2003. In 2020, PECB has accomplished it MS ISO 45001:2018 and MS ISO 14001:2015 certificates.

With the continued support by both Government bodies and the private sector, PECB strives to continue its presence and growth in parallel with the expected rapid growth of Malaysia in line with Malaysia Vision 2020.

We, the citizen of PECB are committed towards adopting the culture of quality as the basis for all our entrusted endeavors. Armed with all the expertise in various fields, we will strive our upmost in our effort and energy to fulfill the needs of our customers through continuous improvements of our Quality Management System.

Quality management towards ‘zero defects’ and ensuring team members have positive outlook based on quality, Safety and Health and the Environment policies.

Efficient and effective in implementation of entrusted Responsibilities.

Excel in managing construction and services.

Working together to achieve the Company’s quality policy towards the success of the Company

P – Pengurusan / Management
E – Efisien / Efficient
C – Cemerlang / Excellence
B – Bersama / Together

Visi Syarikat.

Menjadi sebuah syarikat hartanah yang mandiri dan berorentaksikan pelanggan.

Misi Syarikat.

1. Mewujudkan peluang perniagaan baru yang berkaitan
2. Memampankan penyiapan dan kualiti produk sedia ada.
3. Melangkani pembangunan hartanah diluar selangor.
4. Mempergiatkan perolehan projeck-projek berkaitan secara berterusan.
5. Memperkasakan pembangunan modal insan.

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