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January - December 2014

Aktiviti Sukan KSR 2014
Latihan IQA
Latihan Kawalan Rekod
Majlis Berbuka Puasa
Majlis Doa Selamat Tapak 22 Unit Antara Gapi
Majlis Sambutan Aidilfitri 2014
Penandatangan Integriti
Majlis Sambutan Israk Mikraj
Majlis Sambutan Nuzul Quran 2014

January - December 2013

17th December 2013 - Persaraan Pn Hjh Afidzah
Kejohanan Sukan PDSA
November 2013 - Latihan Dalaman VO & EOT
5th October 2013 - Family Day
Indoor Game
Amazing & Charity Hunt Shah Alam - Kuantan
First Aid
August 2013 - Aidilfitri GSA
August 2013 - Open House PECB
July 2013 - Majlis Berbuka Puasa
Tournament Bowling BRK
26th June 2013 - Penutupan Audit
6th June 2013 - Sambutan Israk Mikraj
11th May 2013 - Motivasi
3rd May 2013 - Taklimat Keselamatan
26th April 2013 - Kursus Kawalan Rekod
24th April 2013 - Taklimat Integriti PKNS
12th April 2013 - Taklimat Bulanan
6th April 2013 - Kursus Induksi
5th April 2013 - Bacaan Yassin dan Penulisan Wasiat
5th April 2013 - Permainan Ilmu Technical Jargon
16th March 2013 - Latihan Audit Kualiti Dalaman
15th March 2013 - Majlis Doa Selamat Bilik Latihan
8th March 2013 - Permainan Ilmu Technical Jargon
January 2013 - Sambutan Maulidul Rasul

January - December 2012

1st December 2012 - Staff Retirement Appreciation
14th November 2012 - Internal Audit ISO PECB
29th-30th September 2012 - ISO Workshop
28th September 2012 - PECB Induction Course
14th September 2012 - GSA PKNS Aidilfitri Celebration
7th September 2012 - PECB Aidilfitri Celebration
13th August 2012 - VEI Break Fasting Event
3rd August 2012 - PECB Break Fasting Event
17th July 2012 - Ramadhan Event
14th July 2012 - PECB Sports Carnival
7th & 8th July 2012 - Treasure Hunt GSA PKNS
26th May 2012 - Bowling GSA PKNS
18th May 2012 - Tahlil Event For 54 Unit Kota Puteri
6th-7th April 2012 - Record Keeping & Filing Course
3rd March 2012 - Safety Awareness Course
11th February 2012 - BRK General Meeting
January-December 2012 - PECB's Staff Birthday Event


In PECB's corporate culture, new ideas are welcomed. PECB understands and values the position that Human Capital plays in business successes. As an organization, PECB wishes to create a work environment where people are treated with respect and dignity. A place where amalgamation of different cultures, experiences, ideas, backgrounds, skills, and perspectives that people bring are not seen as impediments to business success but as a very foundation for creativity, innovation, new ideas, approaches that will spearhead PECB from just an ordinary company to an extra-ordinary company.

With this in mind, we place top priority on Human Capital Development. We believe in fostering an environment that promotes continuous learning and development as we strive to harness the capability and potential of our people. Hence, from the time a staff begins his/her journey with PECB, a structured development framework exists to support his/her growth, comprising various relevant mind-set, capability building and leadership development programmes.

Our people are our most important asset and key to our success in realising our aspiration. Our achievements today and in the future depend largely on the collective efforts and commitment of our people. As a business entity, PECB continuously seeks for capable people to drive the company towards realising our vision to be a highly successful, sustainable and respectable company that the nation would be proud of. We welcome talents of diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our team and grow with us.

Job Title : Site Engineer
Division : Construction
Education : Degree in Civil Engineering /Building / Architect
Experience : At least 3 - 5 years working experience in project management in the construction industry
Skill : *Good negotiation and management skill.
*Good leadership qualities, able to manage teams and result oriented.
*Good Communication skill including report writing and presentation skills in Malay & English Languages.
Expired Date : 30 April 2014

Please email your resume to our Human Resources Department at

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Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

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Value Engineering Services

What is Value Engineering?

With the constant increase in construction cost over the years, there has always been a need to find commercially viable and practical engineering solutions to reduce the cost of constructing building and infra structure projects for the private and public sector. Many attempts have been made by various parties over the last 50 years to save construction cost with various levels of success. One important area that has been neglected and not fully explored locally is the ‘Value Engineering’ design approach.

Value Engineering (VE) is a management technique that seeks the best functional balance between cost, reliability and performance of a product, project, process or service to ensure that it is delivered in the most cost-effective way, focusing on safety and long term preventive measures for all of VEI’s Client benefit. It is conducted by a multidisciplinary team composed of experienced and specialized professionals. Working as an extension of the design team, the VE team analyses the project from a function/cost standpoint, providing alternative design suggestions that may improve performance, construction and life-cycle costs. They may also improve construction methods or schedules, and may introduce flexibility into operating or maintaining the project.

Our design that is supported by modeling techniques, accurate data calculations and any required quantitative and qualitative basis for that specific original ZNA design that meets Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) principles and specifications, both Federal, State and local Government guidelines.

What are the Benefit of Value Engineering?

ZNA’s accumulated mastery skills over the last 20 years have proven that ZNA’s VE can guarantee of cost reduction to overall project cost between 10 – 20% depending on project type, and up to 35% for low - medium high cost projects, where steel and concrete content is high. VE study costs are about 0.4 percent of total construction costs, which is relatively low compared to potential benefit as follows:

•  Early stage project definition: Design-Build project delivery
•  Develop innovative solutions
•  Identification of alternative designs, solutions or locations
•  Reducing project construction costs
•  Decreasing operation and maintenance costs
•  Simplifying procedures
•  Identification of alternative construction methods
•  Improving project schedules
•  Reducing waste
•  Increasing procurement efficiency
•  Using resources more effectively
•  Meeting federal and state laws requirements
•  improved staff morale, commitment and relationships

Value Engineering Design
Value Engineering Design is a process where Design Optimisation and Innovation are carried out while maintaining the Design Factors of Safety. This is carried out using the British Standards as a guide and combined with practical local experience and research, is able to save significant amount of project cost compared to the conventional ‘Textbook’ approach. The savings is due to the optimised usage of Reinforced Concrete that makes up about 20% to 45% of the building and foundation cost.

Some of the reasons why Value Engineering can give significant cost savings are due to:

Local research on design approach bearing in mind that the British Standards BS 8110 or BS 8004 we adopted in this country was meant for UK practice that ignores some of our local industry practice, circumstances and climate.
Applying the Code of Practice in more detail because Part II of BS 8110 can help Engineers understand Part I better but is usually overlooked and neglected by our local practicing Engineers.
Applying other related BS Code of Practice and not limited to the commonly known few.
Applying computer aided design and developing better computer programs based on our continuous field observation of how real structures behave rather than relying too much on ‘text book’ knowledge.
We have to always optimise the Reinforced Concrete structural members when designing because the BS Code is only a guide but the choice of the Reinforced Concrete structural member sizes is in the hands of the Engineers.
There is no incentive for the Engineers to save because of the way the professional fees are structured by percentage of project cost, the higher the project cost the more the fees.

Fees Structure
The Consultancy fees for VE services provided is based on Cost savings between the original Consultant’s drawings and the Company’s submitted drawings and its will be share between the company and client’s.

VE Intellitech Sdn Bhd
No.02-25, Tingkat 2,
Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam,
Persiaran Tasik,
40505 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel : 03-5519 4877
Fax : 03-5510 3902

Person to contact:
Nordahisyam Hj Daud (PMC)
Corporate Division
Mobile: 019-450 6688

Nor Faiezah Mhd Khatif
Tender & Contract Department
Mobile: 017-266 5989
PKNS Engineering & Construction Berhad
No.02-25, Tingkat 2,
Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam,
Persiaran Tasik,
40505 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel : 03-5519 4877
Fax : 03-5510 3902
Person to contact:
Hj Ahmad Pauzi Mhd Noor
Senior Manager
Tender & Contract Department

Mobile: 019-329 6360
Perunding ZNA (Asia) Sdn Bhd
Suite A-03-06, Block Alamanda 10
Boulevard Lebuhraya S.Print,
PJU 6A, 47100,Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-7728 3311
Fax : 03-7727 3933
Person to contact:
Ir Zulhkiple A.P
Principal/ Executive Chairman/ Founder)
Mobile: 019-694 1772

Suriati Razak
Project Management
Mobile: 012-799 0844

Construction Management Services

Construction Management Services (CMS) is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques in organizing, overseeing and controlling various contract management processes.
Through CMS, PECB can assist client in optimizing profit through PECB wide experiences and expertise in construction.
PECB has vast experience as a design & build contractor, with multi-disciplinary team expertise related to activities in procurement of contracts for sub-labour and sub-trade, initiating purchasing of building materials and monitoring of construction works. In addition, PECB also have experience in coordinating and liaison with local authorities for obtaining Building Plan approval and Certificate of Fitness (CF).
To date PECB have undertake of more than 70 projects since 1983, therefore PECB have a clear understanding of the requirements, policies and procedures set out by client. As such, PECB have the ability to offer effective CMS as a solution to meet client’s objective.
Scope of Services
Upon receiving Letter of Appointnent (LA) and certain information, scope of services shall begin with preparation of the overall implementation planning schedule which covers:
a) Program of construction works
b) Schedule for procurement contracts for sub-labour and sub-trade
c) Schedule for purchasing building materials
d) Cost Monitoring Schedule
Activities in Procuring contracts for sub-labour and sub-trade shall include:
a) Selection of Tenderers from the PECB registered subcontractor list
b) Tender estimation for sub-labour and sub-trade
c) Calling of Tenders in accordance to implementation schedule
d) Analysis of Tenderers Submission
e) Preparation of tender reports and Recommendation for approval
f) Preparation of payment certificates to subcontractors and suppliers
g) Initiating insurances for the projects
f) Initiating payment from client to subcontractors and suppliers
Activities in Purchasing of building Material shall include:
a) Selection of supplier from the PECB registered supplier list
b) Preparing Purchase Order (PO) upon receiving verification from the site supervision team
c) Initiating payment from client to supplier
Activities in Monitoring of Construction Works accordance to contract shall include:
a) Overseeing the overall implementation of the planning and construction schedule.
b) Overseeing construction activities which include:
     i) Supervision and verification of construction work
     ii) Verification of materials supplied and installed
     iii) Verification of payments to subcontractors and suppliers
a) Assist client in the implementation of QMS (ISO) procedures
b) Assist client pertaining to Qlassic standards
Person to contact :
Sr Hj Ahmad Pauzi Mhd Noor – 019-3296360
Senior Manager (Tender & Contract)
PKNS Engineering & Construction Bhd
Email :

Arif Abdullah – 019-2157091
Senior Manager (Construction)
PKNS Engineering & Construction Bhd
Email :